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Your digital life will never be the same

20 years after the most popular search engine
revolutionized how we search information on the web,
but if you want to search and organize your own data
you are still out of luck

is reshaping
the way you surf
your entire data ecosystem

Take control of your digital life

fyberloom transforms
everything about your digital ecosystem
you'll have everything at your fingertips
no matter its native device, application,
cloud storage or file format

with fyberloom
your data is yours
to own and control,
secure and private

The head of the dynamic team behind fyberloom.

Stefano Santo Sabato

Founder & CEO

Innovative entrepreneur, Ph.D engineer,
industry leader, founder and CEO.
Researcher and keynote speaker.
International authority on AI and CVE.

Making an impact

We adhere to our humanistic ideals, the inspiration of the
Renaissance of our native land, and our deep belief in
building cultural bridges that enrich our lives
and the lives of those we encounter.
We believe that all cultures, from every community,
contribute meaning and strength to a more
dynamic and sustainable global future for all.

We are deeply committed to our partner communities in the US and
Italy and the need of all our people.

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