Andrea DeSiano

Today Dropbox is one of the most used tool for work, to improve productivity and even faster speed.

That’s why I’m here , talking about speed and search….About the possibility of accelerating , of increasing your productivity by reducing dead times and thus finally coming to work less, obtaining even more accurate results.

The duration is not important, but the quality, the intensity that we are able to express, that’s what we need.

How do I achieve these results? I need to simplify, to manage everything from a single dashboard because I need to have all the information available to use at any time.

A Dropbox integration could be better, maybe a Dropbox and Gmail integration?

I think is useful and incredibly easy to use; it’s a great mobile app and during using it for work is very helpful. Day-to-day use of these apps is common but it can be difficult to open every single app to find and locate information.

Let’s face it, sometimes we forget where the information we need is located!

I have something more for you.

I have a solution.


Fyberloom is a personal search engine that allows you to find everything in a moment.

We are in a new era, now with Fyberloom we can rebuilt research in ourselves.

The easiest way to connect all your favorite work tools, Dropbox, Slack, Trello and others, in a single environment, to allow you to reach your tasks.

You can’t live without.

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