Stefano Santo Sabato  If we’ve learned anything, it’s that there’s no such thing as a neutral cloud or a free online service.  Fortunately, there are emerging forces that work against centralization, aggregation and monopolization.  These include things like the blockchain, which could pull a wide variety of transactions off the major platforms and disintermediate whole swaths of our online life; and 3D printing, which could localize production and decentralize the supply chain, returning whole industries and markets to local control.  What these emergent technologies share is that they’re responding to a growing outcry demanding personal autonomy and security: we hear demands for control over one’s data; for freedom to be one’s self online, free of surveillance or homogenization; and for tools that offer a transparent and honest exchange of value, rather than opaque business models and rent seeking.  

Fyberloom is the tool for this movement, the anti-platform that enables user control, independence, and autonomous decision-making.  It’s designed to enable the dreams that were crushed by today’s monopolistic practices: dreams of truly distributed networks and decentralized practices; of tools optimized for user freedom and control; and of a new humanism, where the first priority is sharing value and enabling people to create and collaborate however they wish.  

Fyberloom offers device- and platform-agnostic search, so that you can have constant access to your data.  Fyberloom is optimized for how humans work and think, not for extracting value from your data.  Platforms whose business model is based on monetizing your data structure the user experience to optimize their value.  Fyberloom’s business model is based on offering a superior service, not selling what it learns about you.

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