Jack Marmorstein

Isn’t the cloud great?   We can access our data wherever we are.  Our service providers follow us from device to device.  It feels like we can do most anything, most anywhere we go.  Yet it might seem like it’s all coming to us from the cloud, delivered whenever we’re connected (which these days is always). 

But of course we’re conflating two things: on the one hand, there’s internet and wireless connectivity, and, on the other hand, there are the platforms that deliver those services.

There’s not one platform, but many, many platforms.  We access them all—our fitness app, our chatting (work and personal, public and private), our 401K, our marketing plan, salary history, health records, our romantic life, and our current events—but there are walls between them.  This is great (who’d want to share their Fitbit data with the same person they’re sharing their Excel spreadsheets with?), but it presents a problem: How do we know what’s in our clouds?  How do we search and organize our unique configuration of apps, data, and information?

One solution is to centralize them onto a single mega-platform.  Mega-platforms like Facebook, Google, etc would have it this way: they’ll provide all our services and we’ll enjoy the simplicity of a single platform.  What could possibly go wrong?

Well, we know what goes wrong.  Consolidation is a pipe dream (or nightmare), and complete interoperability is impossible on closed protocols (or if you care about privacy and security).  No, the answer is a tool that doesn’t ask you to change your habits or move your data.  Tools are supposed to meet you where you are, not make you adapt to them. 

We’ve designed Fyberloom to do just that.  It helps you know your own cloud, privately, securely, and without changing a thing you do.

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